Sunday, July 26, 2015

HB 562 Comes Before The Entire NC Senate Tomorrow

HB 562, the Second Amendment Affirmation Act, comes before the North Carolina Senate tomorrow. The House version was approved without amendments by the Senate Judiciary II Committee on Thursday of this past week. The bill, even though weakened with amendments in the House, does give North Carolina gun owners some important wins. The alert below from GRNC spells out the good stuff and ask that gun owners contact the Republican members of the Senate to urge them to vote for the bill without any weakening amendments.

Pro-gun bill, HB 562, will be considered by the NC Senate tomorrow (Monday, July 27). Please encourage Senate Republicans to support it …

Last week, thanks in large part to the insistence of GRNC supporters like you, HB562 moved smoothly through the Senate Judiciary II Committee. GRNC would like to thank Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger (R-Guilford, Rockingham) and Senator Tom Apodaca (R-Buncombe, Henderson, Transylvania) for making sure this bill had a proper hearing. Fortunately, the committee did not weaken the bill, which still contains some great gun-rights advancements, such as: 
  • Expanded campus carry (and giving an affirmative defense for defensive gun use on campus);
  • Reduced penalties for carriage onto posted premises;
  • Expanded sport shooting range protection;
  • Reductions in arbitrary permit denials for both concealed handgun permits and pistol purchase permits while reducing the number of disqualifying prior offenses for those permits;
  • A new cause of action against local governments which violate our statewide firearms preemption law;
  • A requirement for sheriffs to sign Form 4s for qualified Title II applicants;
  • A provision for legal resident aliens to get concealed handgun permits; and
  • Short-barreled rifle hunting in addition to the suppressor hunting we passed in 2013. 
Now, it's time for HB562 to be considered by the full Senate. To insure its passage, the Republican members of the NC Senate need to be reminded that you expect them to support this bill, and to pass it without weakening amendments.

Below, you'll find a copy/paste message and a copy/paste email list that you can use to encourage the Senate's supermajority to act in accordance with their campaign promises by voting in favor of HB562.


  • EMAIL SENATE REPUBLICANS: use the copy/paste email address list, and the copy/paste email text under 'Deliver This Message,' below.


Copy/paste email *list for Senate Republicans:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

*Regarding the above email list: some email programs may require that the semicolons be replaced with commas.


Suggested Subject: "Please Support HB562"  

Dear Senator:

Last week, I was pleased to hear that HB562 moved seamlessly through the Judiciary II Committee, and I
am writing to urge you to continue shepherding this pro-Second Amendment bill toward the governor's desk without weakening it.

HB562 will be a great step forward for gun rights in our state. I strongly encourage you to back this bill, and to encourage your colleagues to do the same. Please vote for HB562 as it is currently written, and please vote against any weakening amendments.

I will be closely watching your actions on this subject through legislative alerts from Grass Roots North Carolina.



  1. GRNC's HB562 alert makes mention of "Reduced penalties for carriage onto posted premises" ... what exactly does that mean?

    1. It used to be that if you carried on posted private property, you could be convicted of a misdemeanor. Now it is classified as an infraction just like a speeding ticket. A misdemeanor involves an arrest while an infraction does not. Carrying in the other enumerated places that ban carry still is treated as a misdemeanor.