Thursday, July 23, 2015

MDA Claiming False Victories

Moms Demand Action has never been above claiming a victory where there is none. I came across the picture below yesterday. It seemingly shows Academy Sports and Outdoor stores changing their policy because of a push from the Demanding Mommies. As I mentioned last week, they are on a campaign to get Cabela's to kow-tow to their demands regarding the erroneously named "incomplete checks."

They also posted a similar photo regarding Dick's. Now I don't care really what Dick's does because I think they live up to their name post-Newtown.

I checked the Academy Sports website to see if they had any press release regarding this. I came up empty. Likewise, I came up empty on the Everytown Facebook page. Now it gets me to wondering if they just contrived this out of thin air. So I went to that fount of all knowledge,, and posted a message on the General Forum asking about it. Out of the 88 replies, I got this one that seems to indicate Academy policy has always been to only release a firearm when they got a definitive OK. Bear in mind that this is from a part-time employee and not a store manager.
I work at Academy part time. Its 21 for handguns and pistol grip shotguns. 18 for long guns, period. I can's even show a handgun or pistol grip shotgun to anyone under 21. But if you're 18, you can buy any long gun. Academy won't sell a gun without a "Proceed" or a CCW (at least in MS). IDK about historical data as I have only been there about 2 months.
Other comments seem to indicate that this policy probably came down from their risk management department a long time ago.

So is Academy Sports and Outdoors kow-towing to the Demanding Mommies? Probably not. They had, and have, a policy in place regarding NICS checks that was more stringent than called for by law. It's not a victory because nothing was changed when Shannon and her minions came calling. It is a policy they like but it wasn't a win.


  1. Interesting how lily-white Shannon Watts and staff are featuring African-Americans in their "thank you" poster, as if Academy Sports' policy will do a damned thing to save black lives from criminal gang violence using stolen or black market guns.

    Leave it to a PR flack to find a way to play a race card they don't even qualify for.

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  3. Friend of mine works at Academy. No change in policy. Always has been either CCW or NICS cleared. Period.

  4. FFL here in Knoxville area said they always wait for definitive clearance.