Thursday, July 16, 2015

I'm Going To Miss Them

The Gun Dudes are riding off into the sunset. Podcast episode 340 was their last one. I have to admit being a little shocked when they were talking about what they did with guns this week and then all of a sudden slipped in that this was the last podcast. WTF?

I have been listening to them since around Episode 30 or 40. They were part of my Monday morning commute and got my week off to a start with a laugh.

I remember feeling a bit down and somewhat old about just turning 53 that day. Then I started laughing as I listened to them talking about the Misfire Award or Shelton or how to slip a new gun past their (extremely patient) wives. I could feel my mood begin to improve and suddenly I didn't feel so old.

To the Dudes, I say thank you for 340 podcasts. Or some number like that but who's counting. After all, I am older than Stan.

I'm going to miss those guys. I wish them all the best as they ride off into the Utah sunset. Their humor made at least one person's life a little easier.

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