Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Not Only No But Hell No

With Hillary Clinton mired in her email and other troubles, Rupert Murdoch is trying to start a "Draft Bloomberg" movement.
Now enter a man who knows a thing or two of drumming up attention (and selling papers) - Rupert Murdoch. Just as massive stock drop has many investors eyeing the financial headlines, the media mogul is stirring the pot, trying to draft fellow billionaire businessman Michael Bloomberg into the presidential race.

Murdoch wrote in a tweet last night, “with Trump becoming very serious candidate, it's time for next billionaire candidate, Mike Bloomberg to step into ring. Greatest mayor.”
Yahoo News has the story in this video below. They discuss how Trump has upended things and perhaps set the stage for a Michael Bloomberg.

The very thought of having, in Michael Bane's words, that nasty little fascist as the President of the United States is repugnant. It is not just what he would do to the Second Amendment that scares me but his entire "I know what's best for you" agenda. If you combine Bloomberg's authoritarian impulses with what Barack Obama has done to to the Executive Branch, I could see myself moving to a freer country. You know, like China or Russia. They couldn't be as bad as living in a country where Mike Bloomberg controlled the reins of government.


  1. Yep, I'm in violent agreement with you! Sigh...

  2. You sound like a Democrat when you talk about moving to another country if candidate (insert dictator of your choice) wins office. The founding father of our nation didn't move to France when the going got tough, they picked up their arms and fought to retake what was theirs.

    1. There is that. I could see that as a logical consequence as well.

    2. I have to admit that moving was my first thought too if he became president. But two seconds later I realized I would be handing him a victory and I am sure Bloomberg would be very happy if he could do something to make gun owners leave the country.

  3. Wouldn't his being the Democratic nominee pretty much guarantee a Republican win, though? He can't hem and haw and hide his anti-gun feelings, because they're all out there and a matter of public record, as is his spending a huge amount of cash in various attempts to screw gun owners. Rural and at least some suburban Democrats, faced with the onslaught of issue ads pointing out how much he's tried to screw gun owners, would either flip and vote Republican, or stay home. He''d get creamed in debates on this issue by any properly prepared candidate.

  4. Keep in mind that the Left of the DNC hates the guy for stop and frisk and taking the ind out of the teacher's unions, among other anti-PC measures. He'd have the same issues Her Hillaryness is having with the left, except this time the Black Lives Matter who are paid by Hillary! supporters people will also engage.

    De Blasio ran in NYC openly as the anti-Bloomberg. He was elected in large part running on a campaign to undo Bloomies mods to NYC (which were largely good for the city). At inauguration Bloomberg was treated quite disrespectfully in public by the new Mayor and pretty much everyone around him.

    I don't feel for Bloomberg, but he'd have a damn hard time convincing the unions and the victim-industrial-complex within the DNC to vote for him over pretty much anybody else. Hell, I think if Bloomy wants to impact the election, his best bet would be to fund O'Malley. Old Marty was only one of three governors who was able to move the Bloomberg anti-gun agenda forward post Sandy Hook.