Sunday, November 1, 2015

Ted Kopel Writes A Book And Now The Media Notices A Problem

The lead story on CBS Sunday Morning was on the vulnerability of the power grid. The story revolved around a new book by former ABC News journalist Ted Kopel called Lights Out. He asserts that the power grid is very vulnerable to hackers due to its connection to the Internet. Kopel holds that both Russian and Chinese hackers, presumably affiliated with those governments, are already in the grid and could take it down at any time.

Kopel's book also discusses prepping and food storage. He notes that the Mormons as a group lead the nation in preparedness. This portion got a mixed review in the Salt Lake Tribune.

You can see the CBS Sunday Morning story below:

The prepper community has discussed this for years. Indeed, Prof. William Forstchen's One Second After reached number 11 on the New York Times bestseller list. Forstchen's novel described the impact of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event on Black Mountain, North Carolina. He has now followed this up with One Year After which continues the story.

Long before Ted Kopel wrote his Lights Out, prepper author David Crawford wrote his own Lights Out regarding the impact of an EMP event on a small Texas neighborhood outside of San Antonio. It, like Forstchen's One Second After, is an excellent book.

Gun blogger Bob Owens has discussed other vulnerabilities of the grid with regard to domestic and/or international terrorism. He noted that power substations were often located near roads and trails where anyone could access them. A few well placed shots could drain the oil used to cool the transformers causing it to burn out.

While I'm glad that attention is finally being paid to the vulnerabilities of the grid, I think it sucks that the only reason the mainstream media is giving it a second thought is because one of their own wrote a book. If I didn't know better, I'd think the CBS Sunday Morning story was merely an effort to push Kopel's book and not an effort to urge both people and government to be better prepared.


  1. You're probably right, and this will drop off the MSM radar quickly...

  2. You're probably right, and this will drop off the MSM radar quickly...

  3. Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, who for years was the lone Republican Congressman from Maryland, has been warning about this for many years. He served on energy committees, and tried to get the grid reinforced, but made little headway. So he bought a big chunk of land in the middle of nowhere, West Virginia, and started building. Last I heard, he had a house for himself and his wife, and two or three other houses for his kids and their families, all wind and solar powered, a big pond stocked with fish, wells, game feeders, etc. One of the news shows did a feature on it a few years ago. Roscoe was always a good guy. He represented that little chunk of Maryland sandwiched between WV and PA.