Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Daewoo K2/Max II Rifle

The Military Arms Channel did an excellent feature on the Daewoo K2/Max II rifle today. They showed both the pre-ban Max II and the post-ban DR-200. The latter had its ugly thumbhole stock replaced with a regular AR stock and the Stormworkz adapter.

The DR-200 was my first 5.56 semi-auto rifle. I bought it after the Clinton AWB. If I had been more on top of things - or had more money - I'd have gotten a pre-ban rifle. I still have mine in its original configuration. This is mainly because I haven't found time to switch out the trigger group to make it 922 compliant. The only downside to my DR-200 is the it has a 1-12 twist barrel which limits me to 55 grain or lighter ammo.

I did a blog post on the Daewoo back in the early days of this blog. It can be found here.


  1. If having a rifle twist that accommodates the most common bullet weight for 5.56 can be considered a down-side...

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  3. this gun seem to be on target, this is really good.

  4. It's really not hard to switch out the trigger group. I find that the Rock River Arms Match 4.5 pound 2-stage trigger goes in like a breeze. You don't have to remove the grip or the safety - just wiggle the safety to between "fire" and "safe" to get the triggers to clear in & out. Plastic punches (like a Delrin punch set, or even a Bic Pen cap) help to save the finish on the receiver & pins: you must re-use the original pins, because the receiver is thicker than an AR-15's. Inside is the same, so there is no appreciable slop.

    I had previously put in a DPMS AR-Trigger Group, and it was a nasty, gritty 8-pounds. The RRA breaks at a clean 5.25 pounds. Retail price is about $120.00, but there are folks on Gunbroker selling them for $84.00 plus $6.00 shipping.