Friday, July 8, 2016


Miguel at Gun Free Zone pointed out this Facebook post from the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence (sic) from just soon after the murders in Dallas. As Miguel said on Facebook, even vultures will wait before they start feeding on the corpses.

I downloaded this screenshot at about 8:30am EDT. That means it was posted somewhere around 11:30 EDT last night. According to a timeline of the attack in Dallas, the first reports of gunfire was around 9pm CDT or 10pm EDT. Thus, within two hours of the first notice of the attack, the posting below appeared on the Law Center's Facebook page. Notice that it is gun laws that are being blamed. The top commenters are also blaming the NRA and, believe it or not, libertarians and the Koch brothers.

As things stand now, we know the Dallas PD have some suspects in custody, that one potential shooter was killed last night by the DPD bomb squad, and that is about it. We don't know if the murderers were white, black, brown, or purple. We don't know if they were Baptist, Catholic, or Muslim. We don't know if they were affiliated with ISIS, Black Lives Matter, the NRA, or the Boys and Girls Club of Dallas. We don't know if the firearms used were purchased at Billy Bob's Gun Emporium, at the local gun show, out of the back of a car, or smuggled into the country by a drug cartel

The lone exception of the one suspect killed by the bomb squad who justified the attack as retribution for the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philandro Castile. Other than that, we just don't know because the details have not been made public. This, however, did not stop LCPGV aka LCAV from making the post below.

If you want to keep informed about really what is going on with the investigation in Dallas, I suggest the Dallas News. They are not the cable news stations bringing in "experts". They are the local folks on the ground who work the police beat.


  1. Well said John. Unfortunately I saw as much baseless speculation comimg from the pro-gun side as from the antis. Probably one of the worst things about social media is that it facilitates this sort of thing.

    1. This is why I avoided doing more than this. Most of the gun bloggers that I respect have been silent on this today. We have long seen that the initial details change over time and know enough to wait.