Friday, October 13, 2017

Shades Of Henry Bowman

If you have read the novel Unintended Consequences by John Ross, you are familiar with his protagonist Henry Bowman. The book is something of a cult classic in the gun culture. Indeed, the very term gun culture has many of its origins in this book. I believe you can still obtain copies from the Accurate Press.

One of the firearms that Henry and his father bought before the onset of the Gun Control Act of 1968 was a 20mm Solothurn S18-1000. While it is now considered a destructive device, back then you could get it through the mail. Imagine that!

Ian from Forgotten Weapons recently had the change to fire one of these anti-tank rifles at the James Julia auction house in Maine. I'll let him continue the story of the Solothurn.

If anyone knows what has become of John Ross, I'd love to know. His old website is long gone. I do know that he left the securities industry in the late 2000s.


  1. I think this is his Facebook page

  2. Unfortunately for your writing career, events have overtaken you. But I'm sure we're all happier with Heller, McDonald, and Caetano than we would be with a sequel to Unintended Consequences, as much as we love that book.

  3. Yep, one helluva book, and one helluva weapon!

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  5. Absolutely LOVED that book, UC. Wanted to see if there were a sequel, no joy?

    1. No joy as far as I know. I did read recently that another printing of UC was coming out. Given the prices on the secondary market that is good news.