Saturday, December 23, 2017

The BBC Discovers North Carolina Kids Who Shoot

As part of a story about gun sales in the United States during the holiday season, the BBC included the following kids in North Carolina. These kids tell why they enjoy shooting guns. In this case, the video appears to have been taken at a Scholastic Clays shooting event.

Surprising perhaps, given the anti-gun sentiment in the UK, but the BBC seems to do a better job covering the American gun culture than the American mainstream media.


  1. Hadn't seen this. Thanks for posting.

  2. That's funny. "...but who buys their loved one a gun?"

    Obvious answer: someone whose loved one wants a gun.

  3. Good one, and yes, surprised at the coverage!

  4. Britain wasn't always so anti-gun. In the 1970s &80s I went to school with kids whose parents owned farms and they regularly shot shotguns. The cadet force at my (private) high school had a 25m small-bore (.22) rifle range and an armory with surplus Lee Enfield .303 rifles we used at a local army range and at competitions such as the annual Skill at Arms in Colchester.

    1. I agree. I remember subscribing to a couple of the British shooting magazines in the early 1980s and was astounded by the variety of shotguns available.