Tuesday, November 6, 2018

For Illinois Gun Owners And Voters

Illinois gun owners and voters are faced with the choice today between Gov. Bruce Rauner (R-IL) and billionaire and Hyatt Hotels' heir J.B. Pritzker. From what my Prairie State friends tell me, Rauner has been somewhat ineffectual as governor but has vetoed some of the most egregious gun control legislation to come out of the Illinois General Assembly. Pritzker, on the other hand, promises to support the whole litany of gun control from gun bans to state licensing of firearms dealers. The RealClearPolitics poll average on this race gives a clear edge to Pritzker. It will stay that way if gun owners stay home.

Both the Illinois State Rifle Association and Illinois Carry are supporting Rauner who they say has had an open door to them. Expect that door to be nailed shut under Pritzker.

Illinois Carry sent this out yesterday by email. They are correct in asserting that if all FOID card holders voted the 2A that it might be safe in Illinois.
Candidate for Governor
J.B. Pritzker Announces :
"NO safe space for NRA in Illinois!"

J.B. Pritzker vows, “The NRA will have no safe space in Illinois if I am elected governor.”  That means NO safe space for you and me!

Governor Rauner is the absolute only logical choice for gun owners.  He has a FOID card and supports the Second Amendment. The Governor has provided IllinoisCarry access to his office and staff. He has sought our opinions on gun legislation.  This last legislative session, his veto and amendatory veto power was all that stood between gun owners and the anti-Constitution tyrants in Springfield.  

If Pritzker is elected – that protection will be gone and all he will need is a simple majority to pass all the horrible anti-gun bills that gun owners have been fighting against all these years.

Imagine how safe the Second Amendment would be here in Illinois if all 2,287,291 FOID card holders went into the voting booth Tuesday and voted for pro-Second Amendment candidates like Gov. Rauner.

The Second Amendment
Is At Stake On Nov. 6th!

We Urge All Gun Owners To Vote!

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