Wednesday, December 12, 2018

"Murphy Mags" And How To Avoid Arrest In New Jersey

As of Monday, December 10th, if you possess a standard capacity magazine that holds more than 10 rounds in the state of New Jersey, you could be found guilty of a Class 4 Felony, spend up to 18 months in prison, lose your voting rights, and be subject to a lifetime ban on firearm ownership. Your options were to destroy the magazines, turn them into police, or remove them out of state. There was no grandfathering under the law nor was there any compensation for what arguably is a taking.

Gun rights attorney Evan F. Nappen is the acknowledged authority on New Jersey gun law. He has just written a guide on what to expect from the police and prosecutors and how to protect yourself.

Here are the action steps he encourages all New Jersey gun owners to take:
Action Items:
  1. Make sure that your friends and family are aware of this potential threat.
  2. Make sure that your friends and family are aware of the implications of talking with the police and consenting to searches.
  3. Make sure that you do not have in your possession any Murphy Mags or other prohibited items.
  4. Make sure that you, your family and your friends have the mindset to stand on your rights!
 While he thinks police raids are not likely to occur and that police will use other means such as computerized databases, demand letters, and the like, there are scenarios and reasons, in his opinion, where a police raid, with or without a warrant, might take place.

  1. Some highly publicized mass shooting occurs, and the knee-jerk, politically expedient reaction is to go after Murphy Mag possessors.
  2. Murphy’s failure to aggressively enforce his ban, gives his political challengers the opportunity to call him out on it. There is already pressure on Murphy to explain how he intends to enforce the ban. Breitbart News also reached out to Murphy’s press secretary, Daniel Bryan, about enforcement of the ban. He confirmed that the Governor “…had not ruled out house-to-house enforcement of the ban either.”
  3. New Jersey has a computerized database of registered gun owners & their registered handguns which includes make and model. Many of these handguns came with Murphy Mags. For example, 15 round magazines came standard with the Glock Model 19, Beretta Model 92 and SIG Model P226, just to name three commonly possessed handguns.
  4. New Jersey has a long history of abusing gun owners, creating “gun law victims” (destroying people’s lives with arbitrary gun laws) and undermining Second Amendment rights.
  5. New Jersey has a liberal news media which actively acts as the propaganda arm for the anti-gun-rights movement.
  6. New Jersey law enforcement will obey orders and enforce the law, rather than lose their jobs & pensions.
I suggest reading Evan's entire guide posted to his website. Moreover, if you live in New Jersey, I suggest studying it carefully, plan your response in advance, and make your family including kids aware of the family plan. As Michael Bane said on his podcast today, the law isn't enforced until is. Don't be that guy who Murphy uses as the example to cow the rest of New Jersey gun owners into compliance.


  1. Kids? You're joking, right? There is no trusting children to handle private info in a proper manner. That's one of the definitions of minors. Hell, there is enough hazard just expecting women to apply logic to the subject. Most of them have to bring their emotions into play to add complications to anything of a critical nature.
    Just bury them in the yard, without anyone in the family knowing about it, and tell them you tossed them in the trash. Period. Involving anyone else in this is just asking for trouble. You can bet that when the first one hits the news, it will have some family member involved in the arrest process. If the wife is not a shooter, she is more likely to be the culprit. "I just wanted them gone, I didn't think they would actually arrest my hubbie, boo hoo..."

  2. Can they be pinned, like in Canada, bringing them into compliance?

    1. From Evan Nappen:

      (16) May a person lawfully possess a “blocked” large capacity ammunition magazine?

      A: Yes, as long as it was owned on the day the law was enacted and was permanently blocked during the six-month grace period. Temporarily blocked magazines are not lawful. (NJAC § 13:54-1.2 Definitions) A large capacity ammunition magazine must be permanently altered so that it is not capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition. (e.g. riveted, welded, epoxied, etc.) It cannot be readily restorable. An ammunition magazine which has been temporarily blocked or modified from holding more than 10 rounds, as by a piece of wood or a pin, is still unlawful.

  3. At the risk of sounding like "that guy", it's a good time to think about this no matter what state you live in, because Bloomberg and his minions seem to have shifted the battles to the states. I assume it's because state legislators are cheaper to buy. All the bad stuff we hear about is coming from the state level (except for Trump's bump stock ban).

    The newly elected Florida Senate president unashamedly says that he took $200,000 from Bloomberg. Last year, they passed an anti-gun law in the days after Parkland. About the only thing it didn't do was ban semiautomatics or standard capacity magazines. The incoming legislation, much like the US House, is already getting a ton of anti-gun bills ready for this session. Including semiautomatic weapons bans and magazine bans.

    My point is that door to door confiscation could be on the table in every state within the next few years. It's worth the thoughts of "what do we do when they do".

    1. You make an excellent point. NJ today; my state tomorrow. We all do need to think about what we'd do.

  4. The strategy of keeping your head down, fitting in, and not making waves worked well for the German Jews during the time when the legal oppression was small and tolerable. Once the penalties grew to bumping a victim and their family out of the middle class, that strategy stopped working.

    If the wife is not a shooter, she is more likely to be the culprit. "I just wanted them gone, I didn't think they would actually arrest my hubbie, boo hoo..."

    Perhaps you meant: "I just wanted them gone, [my family won't blame me for having my beta provider meal ticket arrested because I didn't drop the dime personally, I will just pretend I didn't understand this chain of cause and effect and since I am a woman nobody will call me on that], boo hoo...[here I am with sole control over all this property and savings, and I still get paid each month by welfare.]" Wife votes Democrat, doesn't she? What more of a confession do you want?

  5. Looks like it is time to storm the castle.
    Maybe then things can be brought back to some semblance of the Constitution.

  6. Will a 223 reach Trenton from Morrisville?