Monday, May 27, 2019

Gun Culture 2.0 Or How A Liberal Professor Became An Armed American

My friend David Yamane, Professor of Sociology at Wake Forest University, delivered the lunchtime address at the NRA Foundation's National Firearms Law Seminar in Indianapolis last month. It detailed his journey from a non-gun owning, non-shooting college professor raised in the shadow of San Francisco to becoming an armed American. It was very well received and thanks to John Correia of Armed Self Protection and associates it is now available on YouTube.

In the video he credits his wife Sandy with helping him make the journey. She, like my in-laws, is a native of Mocksville, North Carolina. According to some tongue-in-cheek sources, it is the most redneck town in the state. I'd say it really is like many small towns across the state with farmland surrounding it, a small downtown area with various small shops and offices, and a Walmart out by the highway.


  1. That describes the town of Bedford, VA where I now live and, minus the Wal-Mart, was Kernersville when I was a kid.

    1. Kernersville as in Kernersville, NC? My daughter and granddaughters live there now. She teaches school at Sedge Garden.