Monday, July 15, 2019

Cam Edwards Is The New Editor Of Bearing Arms

With the closure of NRATV, Cam Edwards of Cam & Co., NRA News, etc. was free to seek new opportunities. He announced today that he is becoming the new editor of The site is part of the Townhall/Salem group of companies.

From the announcement:
This is a critical time for our right to keep and bear arms. Never before have American gun control activists been so emboldened. From gun bans and confiscation to the tracking of gun owners’ ammunition purchases (not to mention licensing and registration schemes), a constitutional right is being treated as if it is a privilege. Even worse, Americans who dare to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights are being otherized by the news media, politicians, celebrities, and anti-gun advocates. If they can’t repeal the right to keep and bear arms, they’ll do everything they can to de-normalize it.

As the new editor of I want to expose those attempts at delegitimizing our constitutional rights and the Americans who exercise them, but that’s only half the battle. We need to tell the stories of the countless men and women who are fighting to not just keep our rights secure, but to make them stronger than ever. From courtrooms to boardrooms, in tree stands and in state capitols, there are millions of us who aren’t just bearing arms, but are bearing witness to the power of self-defense, of hunting, of competition, and even the therapeutic benefits of shooting. It’s up to us to tell and share these stories, and we will.

You can read the remainder of it here.

Congratulations to Cam. His Cam & Co. was the one part of NRATV really worth saving. I'm sure he'll do a great job. Since the suicide of Bob Owens and the departure of Jenn Jacques, I have only read the site sporadically. I think I'll be reading it more often.

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