Sunday, July 14, 2019

The Purges Continue, Part IV

In my Facebook feed this morning I saw another member of the NRA Board of Directors got cut off from his committees. This time it is LTC Robert Brown who has been a board member for a long time and has been outspoken about things including AckMac for years. Brown is the founder and publisher of Soldier of Fortune magazine.

From his Facebook post:
FYI, all SoF'ers... I also have been dropped off "Grassroots Development Committee," "Veteran's Affairs," and "Legislative Policy." No body in the NRA power structure has the guts to explain to me why this was done. NRA leadership lacks any moral character and basically falls under the label of loathsome toads.
I don't know if this represent all committees that Col. Brown served on or not. I do have a message into him asking about that.

UPDATE: Col. Brown was reappointed to the Publications Committee and the Special Contributions Committee but dropped from those mentioned above. He was kind enough to respond to my Facebook messenger question.

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  1. I am deeply saddened by this. At a time when we need the NRA to be strong and support our rights, they are imploding and doing nothing for our rights except to capitulate to the President on anything he wants.