Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kay Hagan's Trent Lott Moment

Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC), who is a U. S. Senator only by the grace of Obama's landslide and the incredibly inept re-election campaign of Liddy Dole, has now had what the blog Red State is calling her Trent Lott Moment.

In a wonderfuly satirical piece, Ben Howe compares Hagan's praise of the late Senator (and Klansman) Robert Byrd to the birthday comments made by Senator Trent Lott in honor of Strom Thurmond.

Make sure to read the whole thing!

On a side note, as a North Carolinian, I have found Hagan to be a not ready for prime time player. Until recently, she was a total failure at constituent communication. If I wrote her a letter, I had to wait six months or more for a response. And even then, it was a response to maybe one in ten letters.

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  1. I've written her at least three times with no response, and David Price, my congresscritter, could give a crap less what any of his constituients think. The curse of gerrymandered districts.