Monday, June 21, 2010

Time to Bork Kagan?

The Bork judicial confirmation hearings were where civility and respect were first thrown out the window by the liberal members of the Senate including our current Vice President Joe Biden.

To say that they were a good thing for "constitutional democracy" is ludicrous. Serious inquiry was replaced with ideological fervor and we as a nation have paid for it ever since. Serious jurists with strong opinions as judges in lower courts have been replaced by shadowy figures whose true intellect and true judicial philosophy never comes to fore until after they are appointed to a lifetime position.

The National Review has examined papers released by the Clinton Presidential Library from the time that Elena Kagan served Bill Clinton as Deputy White House Counsel. Amongst these papers were notes that said the NRA and the KKK were equivalent organizations. While not signed by Kagan, the handwriting appears to be very similar to her handwriting. I'm sure a handwriting expert could say for sure. Robert VerBruggen who broke the story has more here and here. Nonetheless, to equate the NRA with the KKK is repugnant.

Kagan seems to have no regard for Second Amendment rights nor the organizations that defend them. Moreover, she has no judicial experience, no trial court experience, and a mediocre research record. And, finally, she doesn't seem to understand the United States is a representative republic and not a constitutional democracy.

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