Wednesday, January 5, 2011


It appears that some law enforcement officials in central Iowa are not too happy with the new "shall-issue" carry permits. Huxley Chief of Police Mark Pote sent a letter to local businesses last month advising them to post large signs saying no guns were allowed. In an on-camera interview with reporter Aaron Brilbeck of WHO-TV, he backtracked a bit.


One wonders if the phrase "with all deliberate speed" means anything to him.

Sean McClanahan of the Iowa Firearms Coalition called it what it was - scare tactics. Sean's Des Moines Gun Rights Examiner column has more example of these tactics throughout Iowa.

H/T NRA News


  1. Wow, a media report that is balanced and informed!

    Sounds like somebody is upset that he just lost his power over the citizens and wants to make their lives miserable again.

  2. In my humble opinion, it sounds like the local citizens need to vote him out of office. Until then perhaps visitors and residents should spend their money outside of his sphere of influence.

  3. What it really is: treason. Of course if you're a government agent, you will never be prosecuted.

  4. Here in Ohio, we've taken to calling them "Criminal Protection Zones".