Monday, April 18, 2011

Gov. Jan Brewer Vetoes Campus Carry Bill In Arizona

FoxNews out of Phoenix and the AP are both reporting that Gov. Jan Brewer, the Republican Governor of Arizona, has vetoed SB 1467. This bill would have allowed concealed carry on public rights of way on university and community college campuses. The bill would not have allowed concealed carry in college buildings.
"This bill was very sloppily written and drafted, and I believe when it affects not only our education system, all the way from K-12 all the way through the university, and we can't even find out a definition, what is a right of way? It just wasn't defined to be able to tell the courts or the policeman how they are going to enforce a law like that," Governor Brewer told us. (Fox News)
The bill was opposed by university presidents even though it had been gutted in the State Senate. The original bill would have allowed concealed carry in campus buildings. ABC 15 out of Phoenix said on this:
University presidents opposed the bill. They said allowing guns on campuses would endanger employees, students and visitors, and it would be difficult for officers responding to a shooting to quickly identify a wrongdoer.
There are no comments yet from gun rights organizations such as the Arizona Citizens Defense League nor the sponsors in the Arizona legislature. Surprisingly for the Brady Campaign and CSGV, they haven't issued a press release crowing about Brewer's veto...yet.

UPDATE: I have embedded Brewer's veto message below. The chief sponsor of the bill, Sen. Ron Gould, R - Lake Havasu, was none too pleased by the veto nor the veto message.
Gould said he was surprised by the aggressive nature of the governor's statement.

"I thought it was a very rude veto letter," Gould said, adding that he thought "her spin on it ... is a stretch." He was referencing her remarks about how it could potentially affect K-12 schools.
The university presidents were all very pleased by Brewer's veto.
Crow, University of Arizona President Robert Shelton and Northern Arizona University President John Haeger wrote a letter to the governor, asking her to veto the legislation.

Haeger on Monday said that if signed into law, the legislation would have had a "chilling effect" on the university's intellectual climate. The veto helps protect the safety of faculty, staff and students.

"We are very grateful for the governor's action," he said. Crow and Shelton also released statements on Monday, thanking the governor for her veto.

Arizona Board of Regents Chairwoman Anne Mariucci expressed similar sentiments.
"Because of (the governor's) veto, the universities can focus on their core mission of providing a high-quality education to students without the distraction of the increased opportunities for violence Senate Bill 1467 would have allowed."
Chairwoman Anne Mariucci's statement about "increased opportunities for violence" is utter bullshit but typical for what comes out of universities nowadays.

The Brady Campaign must keep banker's hours because they haven't responded yet. Ladd Everitt of CSGV who apparently has no social life didn't waste much time in proclaiming the news on Twitter.
Great news from #Arizona tonight. Gov. Brewer vetoed insane #NRA guns on campus bill! #p2 #politics #congress #AZ

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  1. Thank you for posting Governor Brewer's veto letter. As a staunch 2nd Amendment supporter, I support the elimination of areas where weapons are banned, especially on a University campus. I do however, agree with Governor Brewer's assessment of the bill. The Legislature SHALL write clear legislation so there is as little ambiguity as possible for the courts to interpret. Governor Brewer was a member of the Arizona Legislature for many years and knows what it takes to write clear legislation. When I worked as an engineer for a public utility, I had the opportunity to work on legislation with the company lobbyist, so I too know the legislative process and what it takes to write legislation. To be successful, you need to be clear and unambiguous. I have lived in Arizona for well over 60 years and know Governor Brewer to be a very strong supporter of our 2nd Amendment. She did the right thing with this veto. Next legislative session will give us a better bill that the courts can't overturn.

  2. @John: have you seen Ladd Everitt? Of course he has no social life. He looks like the sort of person who has a personal stake in making sure that no one has the means for self defense.

  3. Any chances of a veto override?