Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rainier Arms XD Flash Hider

There are a lot of flash hiders available for the AR-15 platform now that the AWB sunset in 2004. Some are relatively cheap like the GI birdcage flash hider and some are in the $150 ( or more) range.

As the KitUp blog noted -
The interesting thing is the geometry isn’t much different from one manufacturer to the other — with the open prong design dominating the look. But one thing is radically different about the Ranier Arms product: it’s price.
Checking the Rainier Arms website, the XD Flash Hider retails for $47.45. It is available in either a black parkerized finish or a matte stainless steel finish.

I have not tried it out in the field but from the video below it seems to work just fine. Depending on where you shop, the Smith Vortex is similarly priced.

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