Saturday, April 2, 2011

Turning Back The Empire: An Illustrated History Of Guadacanal

I stumbled across "G.I. Joe Live - A World of Pretend Can Get Real" this afternoon. It uses G.I. Joe dolls (or action figures) to illustrate the history of important battles. Having had some of the earliest G.I. Joe's as a kid, I found it really cool. Here is how they describe their website:
G.I. Joe Live
Welcome to G.I. Joe Live! Where, as the title says, a world of pretend can become real. In short, G.I. Joe Live is a mixture of historical real world events and present-day photography, using realistic plastic military action figures known worldwide as "G.I. Joe".
 Their three-part series on the battle for Guadacanal is excellent. The history is accurate and the use of the action figures is well done.

Part I - Turning Back the Empire: The Allies First Pacific Land Victories

Part II: Guadacanal - Henderson Field to Tenaru River

Part III: Victory!

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