Tuesday, August 30, 2011

But What About Gourmet Shops?

Knife Rights sent out the following on an attempt by two Boston City Councilmen to force retailers who sell knives to be licensed for "knife sale." In other words, a local equivalent of an FFL for knives. These politicians don't say whether it will apply to Target, Walmart, and gourmet shops which sell knives 10 and 12 inch blades.
Boston City Councilors Propose Licensing Knife Retailers

As previously reported, the Massachusetts legislature was looking at proposing a law that would make purchasing a knife nearly as difficult as purchasing a firearm, which to date has not gained any traction in part due to Knife Rights' efforts. Now, anti-knife activists have turned to the city of Boston. Two Boston members of the City Council have proposed that knife retailers be licensed in a purported effort to prevent sales of knives to minors.

As noted in the article linked below, existing Boston law already prohibits knives with a blade two inches or longer from being sold to anyone under age 18. A number of stores were fined as a result of a recent sting operation for illegally selling knives to underage persons.

Knife Rights has a representative on the ground in Massachusetts and will be monitoring this proposed ordinance in case it grows legs. There is no indication that there has been any factual connection made between violence committed with knives in the city and these retailers, or that licensing would actually help the situation any more than simply enforcing the existing law on the books.
A link to the article referred to in the Knife Rights post can be found here.  For a video report see below:

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