Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Result Of Chicago Dragging Its Feet

Chicago resident Jesus Duenas has a FOID card and after the New Chicago Gun Law was enacted in response to the city's loss in McDonald v. Chicago, he purchased a handgun legally. (As an aside, my guess is that his handgun was a Taurus Judge as the story mentions it fired a .410 shotgun shell.) However, at the time because he couldn't find a range in the City of Chicago to get the required training, he didn't get a Chicago permit nor did he register the handgun with the city. Of course he couldn't find a range in the city because they were forbidden by law at the time!

Fast forward to March of this year. After neighbors called the police because of a party at his house, he was arrested when the police entered his home without a warrant in search of a firearm. When they asked him where his gun was, he showed them where it was in the bedroom in a locked case. His arrest was for being in violation of Chicago's gun laws.

Yesterday, a judge in Chicago dismissed the charges against him. While he now has his Chicago registration card, the police are now trying to revoke it because he purchased the gun before he got the permit.

While the story doesn't say anything about this, it is my impression that many in Chicago purchased handguns as soon as the city lost McDonald and enacted the New Chicago Gun Law. All they heard in media reports from the time was that the city now had to allow handguns and the onerous requirements to get a permit were glossed over. Of course, ignorance is no excuse but neither is creating so many impediments to lawful compliance that virtually no one could own a handgun legally within Chicago.

Man Wins Handgun Lawsuit Against Chicago:

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