Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lighting A Candle

Weer'd Beard made the suggestion that we light a candle to stop violence and show that we have the means to do just that. I heartily concur and here is my entry.

It features my daily carry Ruger LCR loaded with Hornady Critical Defense .38 Special +P in a Don Hume holster, a Speed Strip, and a Yankee Candle Company candle in Lemon Lavender. I understand Lemon Lavender is supposed to have a calming effect.

Weer'd and Miguel have some roundups of other gun bloggers and their counter vigils. Linoge at Walls of the City has some really nice photos of his candles - and firepower to back it up. Finally, Cemetery goes old school with black powder pistols.



    I just had to participate.

  2. @PT: I love it! Is that a M1919 semi-auto?

  3. Yes it is S/A only. Although not pictured is the hand crank that attaches to the trigger which roughly simulates F/A. Its still a work in progress (parts build) but I couldn't pass up an opportunity like this!