Friday, January 13, 2012

Why Couldn't He Have Done This Earlier

When I saw this video of Gov. Rick Perry shooting at the Palmetto State Armory range in Ridgeland, South Carolina, I thought to myself, "Why did he have to participate in all those stupid 'debates' when he should have just been doing this?"

Rick Perry is the Fred Thompson of this election cycle. He's the guy you thought had tons of potential, a mostly good record, some decent ideas, and would be almost unbeatable - and then flamed out quickly.

I guess now, when you know in your heart of hearts that you don't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting the nomination, you might as well do stuff you enjoy while campaigning. Not to mention having lunch at Five Guys which I think is one of the best burger places around.


  1. Did you notice that he was wearing double hearing protection?

  2. Perry has a lot more baggage than most people realize.

    But it's enough to know that he attempted to use his executive power to force teenage girls in Texas to undergo expensive STD inoculations --- using highly profitable drugs sold by a pharma company which had contributed to his campaign.

    This one item alone reeks of dirty dealing, influence peddling, selling out to lobbyists, government overreach and Perry's belief that being the executive is akin to being elected "god".

    We already have that in Washington. We don't need more.

  3. @Comrade: Yep, I did notice that.

    @See the Light: Regardless of other stuff he has done, Perry is damn good on the 2A and that is why I did a post on him.

    By the time I get to vote in the primaries, it will probably be settled given NC has a later primary.