Sunday, June 10, 2012


A&E premiered Longmire last Sunday night and I was lucky enough to catch it.

The show is based upon the novels of Craig Johnson and brings the Western to modern-day life. The Wall Street Journal said of the show:
"Longmire" is the best of two worlds: a modern crime drama with dry wit and sometimes heart-wrenching emotion that's also got a glorious setting under the big sky of Wyoming. Based on the novels by Craig Johnson, the series revolves around Sheriff Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) and a small clutch of deputies in a sprawling northern county adjacent to a Cheyenne reservation. If it weren't for a few modern conveniences, like cellphones and trucks, it might as well be 1875, so rugged and unspoiled does the scenery look.
For gunnies, this show is wonderful. Part of the first episode centered around finding a 45-70 Sharps rifle that had been used to kill the victim. Longmire himself carries a 1911 and has a Model 94 30-30 as a truck gun.

If Justified is Miami Vice come to eastern Kentucky, then Longmire is Gunsmoke come to 2012 Wyoming. The show airs on Sunday nights at 10pm on A&E.


  1. I did notice that the Sheriff wanted to check on what guns were registered to people in the town. From what I am seeing though, Wyoming is in America and has no registration.

  2. I noticed that. However, I'm not sure if he was checking "registrations" as opposed to the Form 4473s. He went to a local dealer for that information. If it had been a "registration", as Sheriff, I'd imagine he'd already have that info.

  3. They always get anything to do with guns wrong. In one episode the sheriff and deputy were walking up to a house and the distinct sound of a pump shotgun being cycled came from behind them. When they turned around a guy was standing there with a double barrel. FAIL