Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Para-USA Attracts Some Unwanted Attention

Para-USA is getting some unwanted attention thanks to a recent inventory. According to a report on NewsChannel 36 out of Charlotte, Para reported that they could not account for 189 firearms. They made this report to the ATF and to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.

"It's not usual for a manufacturer of firearms to have a significant number of their product not being accounted for," said Woodham Wednesday.

The losses are of particular interest to ATF because North Carolina is one of the leading source states for gun smuggling.

PARA released a statement and claimed that no guns were lost and that the situation is due to paperwork errors.

“For example, misnumbered invoices or misplaced documentation of destroyed frames,” the statement read. The company further stated, “We have taken the proper steps in this matter by notifying the authorities of this discrepancy.”
As to the claim that North Carolina is one of the leading source states for gun smuggling, with all due respect to whomever made that claim, it's bullshit. The only states in which North Carolina is the number one source (other than that state itself) for guns recovered in crimes are South Carolina and Virgina. Both of these states have long contiguous borders with North Carolina. Moreover, despite what Mayor Bloomberg would have you believe, North Carolina is NOT the number one source for guns for New York. The 2011 state-by-state analysis of guns used in crimes and traced from their source can be found here.


  1. According to the trace data, NY had 1595 traces vs 349 for NC. Out of a total of 4,973 total traces, which means that 32% of all firearms traces for firearms recovered in NY come back to NY versus 7% to NC. That's more than 4.5 times the rate.

    Bloomie can suck it.

  2. The BATFE has to punish people in the business for employee theft and shoplifting because computerized records are making it difficult to gin up criminality by looking for "Y"s insteds of "Yes"s on 4473s.

  3. Notice... the largest category of "crimes" is possession of weapon.

    That would drop if NYC was a free city. NYC had the majority of traces. So, when Nanny Bloomers says "illegal guns" or guns recovered at a crime, most likely he's talking about possession of an "illegal to NEW YORK" gun. Guns that would be legal in the actual United States.

  4. The fact is that manufacturers do have an employee occasionally pilfer a frame, but it's very unusual. Manufacturers now stamp serial numbers very early in the process and track those numbers diligently. If a flaw is found in a frame later in the process, the frame is scrapped. That's the most common place for a serial number to go missing. People are just not as concerned about tracking unfinished frames being dumped back into the smelter, and the people actually doing that job are typically low-man on the totem pole. I wrote about this bogus "lost gun" issue last year when the Brady Bunch made a stink about "lost guns" numbers ATF released in a report to the industry. You can read that column here:

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