Sunday, February 10, 2013

Majority Of North Carolinians Support Armed Guards In Schools

A new poll conducted by the High Point University Survey Research Center found that a clear majority of North Carolinians approve of armed guards in schools. The survey conducted between January 27th and 31st surveyed 668 residents of North Carolina and has a 3.8 +/- margin of error.

The poll asked two questions regarding education and school safety. The first question asked whether the respondents felt that schools were more safe or less safe than they were ten years ago. A plurality of those surveyed - 42% - felt schools were less safe while 34% thought they were more safe. 24% of those surveyed thought there was no difference or didn't know.

The poll then asked the following:
Some people support hiring more armed guards to help keep schools safe, but other people have said that is not necessary. Do you think all schools should hire armed guards?
55% of those surveyed thought all schools should have armed guards. This was the position of the National Rifle Association that many in the media as well as the President dismissed.

41% thought that not all schools should have armed guards. Notice this is different from no school should have armed guards. While the poll didn't ask a follow-up question on this response, it would have been interesting to know how many in this 41% thought no schools should have armed guards versus those who felt that certain schools might need armed guards.

These results provide backing for the supporters of SB 27 in the North Carolina State Senate which would establish the position of school safety marshal. These would be specially trained persons permitted to carry firearms in schools.

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