Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sounds Like A Put Up Job To Me

Colorado Rep. Joe Salazar (D-Thornton) and other Democrats in the Colorado House are saying they have been getting death threats over their stance on gun control.

Color me skeptical. It has all the earmarks of a modern day Reichstag fire incident. That, for those don't remember their history, was a put up event staged by Hitler as the pretext for getting an emergency decree which suspended civil liberties in Germany.

Given how the Democrats love to use victimhood as the pretext for pushing legislation, what could be better when discussing gun control measures than playing the victim against those evil, angry, and deranged gun owners who want to bitterly cling to their guns and "high capacity" magazines.


  1. Well, John, I can see a few Hotheads making threats. But I can also see those Politburo Members taking the message from the Gun Owners who say "You'll have to Kill Me to get my Guns, and I Shoot Back!" as Death Threats against THEM.

    But either way, knowing that they have more Faith in the Communist Manifesto than in the U.S. Constitution, I'm GLAD those "Elected Officials" are feeling the Wrath of their Votes. ALL Politicians should be looking over their Shoulders ALL the time. They've been getting away with Screwing their Constituents for far too long.

  2. They played the f-bomb laden and largely incoherent phone call back on the talk show thin morning.

    I could easily believe that alcohol was involved.

    If you can't think of anything clever to say while you're sober, believe me beer won't help.

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  4. Mr. Salazar hopes to be puled up by Michael Bloomberg into being something more than he is, which is a second-rate attorney who stumbled into a state house seat. I look forward to visiting Mr. Salazar's district in the next election and letting people know what a winner they've chosen!

    Michael B