Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"Industry Leading Firearms Manufacturing Company" Is Considering Rockingham County, NC

The Town of Mayodan and the Rockingham County Partnership for Economic and Tourism Development have announced that "an industry-leading firearms company" is considered locating a major facility in Mayodan. The unnamed company will be hosting an open house on June 18th for potential employees. They are trying to find out if there are enough qualified employees to staff the plant.

As I posted in mid-May, Ruger had announced at their Annual Meeting that they had narrowed their search for their third manufacturing plant down to North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas. One of their major requirements was an existing manufacturing facility of approximately 250,000 square feet. Rockingham County has approximately six available facilities that would meet this qualification according to a list from
Rockingham County Partnership for Economic and Tourism Development. Mayodan has two facilities on this list that were former Unifi Textile plants. 

Rockingham County is also home to the headquarters of Remington Arms/Freedom Group which has about 200 employees in Madison. However, as WGHP MyFox8 reports, the company considering Mayodan is not Remington.
Officials have not disclosed what the company is, but Graham Pervier, president of the RCPETD, said it is not Remington Arms.

Pervier could not say how many jobs would be created as a result of the possible expansion, but he said it is “a substantial number.”

The company is now working to decide whether the region has enough qualified candidates to support the expansion, Pervier said.
Town officials in Mayodan are quite excited about this possible new company and are strongly urging potential candidates to send their resumes.
“We’re pretty excited about what this could mean for our community,” Mayodan Town Manager Michael Brandt said. “This offers the potential to reuse one of our existing buildings and provide hundreds of much needed jobs for the area.”

Brandt said the amount of support demonstrated in this early candidate screening process would be a major determining factor in the company’s decision on location.

“So we really need people with the right skills and experience to apply as soon as possible,” Brandt said. “There’s a short timeframe here and we want to show the workforce is here and ready.”
The latest unemployment reports show that Rockingham County has a 10% unemployment rate. Mayodan, which is located in western Rockingham County, is located equidistant (or about 30 miles) from both Greensboro and Winston-Salem.


  1. Makes one wonder if the Major Manufacturer is planning to shut down their Plants in a Volksrepublik once this one comes online.

    I wish they ALL would do a Magpul and tell those Anti-Freedom States to Pack Sand and leave!

    1. Given there are multiple Volksrepubliks, I'm not sure. While I have heard speculation it is Beretta, I doubt it. I think they'd go to Virginia. Colt has an underutilized plant in Florida. Remington is out according to the recruiter. Mossberg has their Texas plant. I haven't heard anything about S&W expanding except in Springfield. Savage which was just bought by ATK makes mostly bolt guns so isn't impacted by the Volksrepubliks too much. That leaves, in my opinion, Ruger.