Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Madigan's Procrastination Rewarded....Again

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan was granted a second extension of time in which to file an appeal in the joint cases of Moore v. Madigan and Shepard v. Madigan. Justice Elena Kagan granted the extension of time to file the appeal until July 22nd.

The extension was granted by Justice Kagan on June 18th. One has to wonder if it had been Justice Thomas or Justice Scalia would Madigan have gotten her extension granted so easily. Unfortunately, the 7th Circuit is assigned to Justice Kagan for these type of matters.

The whole issue would become moot if Gov. Pat Quinn signs the carry bill that was passed on June 4th by the Illinois General Assembly. Madigan's father, House Speaker Michael Madigan, is urging Quinn to do just that.
The Chicago Democrat's office said Tuesday that the governor has not decided what action he'll take on the legislation. The attorney general's office released Kagan's order but did not have an immediate comment.

House Speaker Michael Madigan - the attorney general's father and a fellow Chicago Democrat - urged Quinn to sign the bill, which was a hard-fought compromise between the House and Senate.

"If you look at the vote in the House and the Senate it's pretty clear that the governor's veto could be overridden," Madigan said after an unrelated committee hearing Tuesday.
As Sebastian noted when Madigan requested the second extension, this is getting ridiculous and it is time for Illinois politicians to stop playing games.


  1. Gee, I wish I was able to tell a Judge "I need an Extension before you Punish me for Breaking the Law."

  2. Bubble, Instead of, say, a "Walker Hearing", that could be called the "Madigan Extension." ;0
    That would be very handy.

  3. If there were any justice in America, Madigan (and Quinn) would be charged with contempt of court for asking for another extension after the 7th Court made if very clear that the State had been given 6 months and one extension and need to do what they have been told.