Saturday, August 10, 2013

Athena Lee On An Alternate Method Of Mag Changes

Normally when one makes a mag change, you shift the pistol in your hand so that your strong hand thumb can push the mag release. Champion shooter Athena Lee, by contrast, maintains her grip of the pistol with her strong hand and uses her weak hand thumb to push the mag release.

In the video below produced by Armscor, she notes that she has smaller hands. After viewing the video, I'd have to say her method of mag changes seems just as fast as the traditional method. I may have to give it a try as I, too, have smaller hands.


  1. Isn't the idea that you can be reaching for the new mag simultaneously with or just before dumping the old, so by the time the empty mag is clear the new mag is right there to be inserted? The gun is "down" just for the time it takes to seat the new mag?

    Pressing with the left hand means there's a delay while that hand then goes all the way to the belt and back. I guess the difference comes down to how much you have to shift the gun to be able to fire it, and how fast and cleanly you can get to your spare mag (competition versus digging it out from concealment?) and how much time that takes. Thus the small hands issue.

  2. What she does makes sense, and I can't fault her logic, she never has to change the primary grip. That .10 of a second can be made up in the shooting... IMHO...

  3. Nothing new to those with big guns and small hands.

    My wife is 4 ft 10 inches and under 100 pounds. She has an FNX-40 and an HK P30 long variant. Ejecting a mag with her strong hand means she has to modify grip or use her support hand. Positive control is a good thing. She worked it out on her own.

    If you got huge paws, I suspect this won't help you one bit. For that matter, she still ejects mags with her dominant hand when shooting her carry guns because they are small enough for her thumb to make contact with the button.

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