Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Oh, The Mental Images

Checking my university email this morning, I found a security alert due to an off-campus stabbing in the vicinity of the campus. Read the alert below and see if it doesn't conjure up an "interesting" mental image.
Jackson County Sheriff Department is reporting a stabbing at River Park Trailer Park. This is located off of Old Cullowhee Rd. approximately 1/2/ mile from the rear entrance. Suspect is described as a White Female, Blonde Hair, slender build, approximately 5'5" tall, poor dental hygiene. No clothing description available. May be armed with a knife. Suspect was last seen on foot in the area of the trailer park. Due to the proximity to campus, the community should be aware of this event. There have been no sightings of the suspect on campus and officers are checking the area.
Stabbing. Trailer park. Poor dental hygiene.

Sometimes the stereotypes about the Southern Appalachians exist for a reason. This may be one of them.


  1. How bad is your dental hygenie when your lack of dental hygenie is mentioned in the police radio traffic?

    Meth use?

    Shootin' Buddy

    1. Exactly! Slender build, poor dental hygiene sounds like sounds like Meth involved to me as well.

  2. And no description of the clothing... Does that mean there was none?

  3. If I can find out if she was picked up, I'll post her mug shot if it is available. I think you are probably correct about it being a case of meth. There is a lot of meth as well as prescription drug abuse here in the mountains. Meth labs, not so much, as it seems to be coming from Mexico by way of Atlanta or at least that is what I was told by a local drug enforcement officer.