Monday, September 9, 2013

Chicago Aldermen Recommend Scraping Of City's Gun Registry

The City of Chicago Committee on Public Safety approved a rewriting of city ordinances that would repeal the city's gun registry.
A decades-old requirement for Chicago gun owners to register their firearms will soon be off the books after a panel of aldermen on Monday recommended repealing it.

If the full City Council agrees as expected on Wednesday, it will be the first time in Chicago since 1968 that legal guns don't have to be registered. That's when then-Mayor Richard J. Daley set up a city gun registry.
The change can be traced to the State of Illinois' new concealed carry law which gave the state the sole authority to issue gun permits and licenses.

According to Chicago Tribune, Alderman Ed Burke (D-14th Ward) was quite angry over the changes. Burke is the only alderman to have bodyguards provided by the taxpayers of Chicago.

Todd Vandermyde, the NRA's lobbyist in Illinois, called these changes a "start". A video interview of Todd is by the press after the Public Safety Committee meeting is can be seen here. As the video is an auto-start video, I've just included the link instead of embedding it.

All I can say after watching this is Go Todd!

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  1. Not the kind of thing I ever expected to read. It sounds like a good thing for Chicago.