Monday, September 16, 2013

Why Wait To Find Out What Happened When You Can Blame It On Gun Laws

The facts are just starting to trickle in on the shooting at the Washington Navy Yard. A number of people have been wounded or killed and the police say three men in "green and khaki military style clothing" are the suspected shooters. One of the shooters is dead and the authorities are searching for the other two.

The bottom line is that we don't know enough about what is going on to make a reasonable judgment. It could be a terrorist attack or it could be disgruntled former employees.

However, this lack of solid information does not stop Washington Post columnist Petula Dvorak from condemning US gun laws and the gun culture. This in a city where the gun laws are so strict that Emily Miller got a number of columns and a whole book out of her journey to gun ownership.
Virginia Tech, Fort Hood, Tucson, Aurora, Newtown. And now Washington.

At least 12 people were killed in a burst of gunfire at the Navy Yard on Monday morning, including one of the suspected shooters. And the toll could climb higher.

Another rampage. This one, for me, very close to home. My kids and I biked to the Navy Yard on Saturday.

How can this country tolerate another mass shooting, after we’ve endured so many others? And why have we allowed ourselves to grow accustomed to this awful bloodshed? Because that’s what these slaughters have become: practically routine.

“How many this time?” we ask as we watch the number of dead and injured climb on TV or Twitter.
 We don't have all the details, the cops don't have all the details, and Ms. Dvorak certainly doesn't have all the details. But what are details and facts when you have an agenda to push?


  1. The white guy in the khaki uniform has been interviewed and cleared as a suspect. Only looking for the black guy in OD fatigues.

  2. I read something interesting on Return of Kings...

  3. Looks like this guy showed up armed only with a shotgun. Killed the gate guard for his Glock and ammo. Then killed a cop for his(the cops) AR-15.

    1. gate guard would have had an M9 (Beretta 92). Apparently, they are reporting he carried his Biden special inside and assembled it in the men's room and then went shooting and then shot a cop and took his gun . . . . so much for Diane "I know the constitution" Feinstein's theory. Maybe that is why the hearing on SYG was postponed. Ted Cruz is gonna eat her lunch.

      -Dirk Diggler

  4. FBI says no AR-15 used.

    Shootin' Buddy