Thursday, November 7, 2013

Oh, Noes! A Gun At The Grocery Store

Lisa Fullington is outraged, outraged I say, because she saw a man carrying at a grocery store in Greensboro, NC. She is even madder that the store refuses to post the store against carry.

The store is question is a Harris-Teeter grocery store located in one of the nicer areas of Greensboro. I've shopped at this store many a time and affectionately call it the Taj MahTeeter because it is so large and so upscale. It is located in a shopping area that has REI, Ann Taylor, Talbot's, and Brooks Brothers among other upscale stores.
"I don't think you need to bring your gun into a grocery store, a shopping center, and I'm a little peeved that Harris Teeter can't put up a sign that says no arms, concealed or otherwise, allowed in the store," Fullington said Wednesday in her home explaining that she has decided to no longer shop with the grocery store chain. It's an about-face for a woman who's been a Harris Teeter faithful for years.

"I'm not joking, I'm not going there. I think it's dangerous to shop there," she said incredibly. "I just can't imagine that they want people in their stores, it's dangerous! I mean, those people, I don't know who is trained and who isn't"

And Lee Atkinson is fighting right along with her.

"It's a place I go all the time, so I can't solve all the places where people are with guns but I can start where I shop," Atkinson said.

This past summer, lawmakers in Raleigh expanded the concealed carry law which now allows guns in bars, restaurants and other areas unless the owner forbids it.

"I don't want to be in a place where people are packing a lot of guns. I don't want the possibility of bullets whizzing past my head," added Atkinson.
I am reminded of the quote attributed to bank robber Willie Sutton who when asked why he robbed banks said, "I rob banks because that's where the money is."  I wonder if Lisa Fullington and Lee Atkinson realize upscale areas make great targets for thieves "because that's where the money is."

You can see their little hissy fit here. Bob Owens calls them "two self-important, self-absorbed gun haters" and I have to agree. My consolation is that I won't run into them when I'm in Greensboro and going to the Taj MahTeeter for my favorite Utz Extra Dark Special pretzels.


  1. This is a perfect example of a nonthinking stereotype SOCCER MOM. The chunk of machined steel on his hip scared her? She might need medical treatment for hoplophobia, an unreasonable fear of weapons.

  2. Imagine how upset she would be if she became aware of all of the guns around her that she *can't* see...because they're concealed. Maybe she should restrict her public movements to places designated as ""gun free zones." Shhh...don't tell her, but there are guns in there, too.

  3. This is a classic piece that should be cited every time someone throws a fit like this one.

    1. @Jim: I just read that piece by Dave Kopel. Thanks for the link. It was hilarious!

  4. It's funny (as in "uh-oh," not "ha-ha") how lawmakers leaving the right of private property owners to restrict carry is interpreted by these folks as "property owner must restrict carry."

    It's also funny ("uh-oh" again) that no matter the law, the circumstances, the popular opinion, or anything else, it's always the gun owner/carrier who's "unreasonable" and "paranoid."

    Projection, much?

  5. Well, it makes me a Harris-Teeter customer forever. I would imagine that it will bring them more customers than it will loose.

  6. Hah! We call ours the Taj-MaTeeter too!