Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Logic Of Violence

Billy Johnson is one of the newer NRA News commentators. He is also, in my opinion, one of the more erudite and cerebral of their commentators. His latest commentary discusses the logic of violence.

The public and policy makers clamor for an end to violence. Unfortunately, they usually focus on a tool used in the commission of a violent act. That tool is a firearm. By focusing so much on the tool, the root cause of the problem is never defined nor understood.

Johnson says that most violence has a logic to it. That logic could be the use of violence to achieve social standing as in a gang dominant culture or it could be the use of violence to achieve immediate celebrity and infamy as in rampage murder. By understanding the logic of violence, Johnson contends we could use that knowledge as a tool to reduce violence.

Watch the video and then watch it again. It is not a flip or breezy video about the stupidity of the gun prohibitionists. Rather it is an intellectual argument that forces you to think. Armed with this knowledge, we can make a better argument of the ways to reduce violence in our society and in our streets.

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