Monday, November 4, 2013

Local Elections Matter, Too

It is not only state and national elections that matter when it comes to gun rights. Local elections matter, too.

In North Carolina, Grass Roots North Carolina-PVF is making recommendations in two local elections: a mayoral race in Morrisville and a council race in Winston-Salem.

Jackie Holcomb, mayor of Morrisville, is one of the few members of Mayor Bloomberg's Illegal Mayors in North Carolina. She is being opposed by Councilman Mark Stohlman who is pro-gun. Meanwhile in Winston-Salem, Councilman Jeff MacIntosh pushed restrictions on carry that were in conflict with state law. He is being opposed by Lida Hayes Calvert. The defeat of one or both of these officials would send a message to local politicians that opposing gun rights is not in their best political interests.

Show Politicians Anti-Gun Efforts End in Short Careers


Currently led by Jackie Holcombe, the rabidly anti-gun member of Bloomberg's MAIG group of gun control-supporting mayors (many of whom are criminals), Morrisville is in desperate need of political change.

We have already documented Holcombe's outrageous efforts to violate state law and the rights of NC gun owners.

The good news is that Holcombe may be shown the door this Tuesday by pro-gun candidate Mark Stohlman

Morrisville GRNC members must get out the vote for this race and kick the anti-gunner to the curb.


The city's Northwest Ward race provides another opportunity to shed an anti-gun politician: Jeff MacIntosh. MacIntosh supported the City's misguided resolution opposing expanded carry by state law. He is another freedom-attacker that needs to be shown the door.

Winston-Salem GRNC members of the Northwest Ward are encouraged to vote for Lida Hayes Calvert, a refreshing pro-freedom alternative. Please take your pro-gun friends along with you to the polls.


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