Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Tradition Returns

The "real" 'Possum Drop returns!

Last year, Clay Logan, organizer of the annual New Year's Eve Possum Drop held in Brasstown, North Carolina, had to resort to using an opaque box covered with pictures of an opossum.  That was because of a ruling that PETA won from an administrative law judge.

This year, tradition returns due to the General Assembly passing a law specifically allowing the NC Wildlife Resources Commission to issue permits for events such as the 'Possum Drop.

From the Asheville Citizen-Times:
The famous New Year’s Eve ’Possum Drop might be back to normal this year under a permit issued by North Carolina on Friday.

The state Wildlife Resources Commission says Clay Logan, owner of Clay’s Corner, has permission to capture an opossum, which he plans to lower in a clear plastic box in a parody of the ball drop in Times Square.
PETA is not taking this change in the law well. They plan to file a lawsuit in Raleigh to stop the event from using a live opossum.
Martina Bernstein, PETA’s director of litigation, said the group will be back in court Monday to argue the license fails to comply with state law.

“Opossums are shy, timid animals, and PETA has presented (the wildlife commission) with overwhelming evidence supporting its position that dangling a live opossum above a stage amid fireworks and raucous crowds is cruel and causes stress that is likely to kill the animal days or weeks after the event,” she said in a written statement.
If PETA is so unalterably opposed to this event, I might suggest Ms. Bernstein could volunteer to dress up as an opossum and take the place the live opossum being used in the 'Possum Drop. She would be taking a risk as I've never seen an opossum yet that has safely made it across the road.


  1. Someone should sue to enjoin all employees of PETA to stay 50 meters away from any animal, permanently. There is plenty of evidence available that PETA exists solely to kill pets.

  2. You know why the chicken crossed the road? To show the `possum that it could, in fact, be done.