Thursday, December 12, 2013

Practice Tips From Jim "Long Hunter" Finch

In one of the latest videos from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Jim "Long Hunter" Finch talks about how he goes about practicing for a match. While not everything about Cowboy Action Shooting or, for that matter, competition is applicable to daily life, some of the practice tips he suggests are.

I really like his suggestion that you practice not what you are with comfortable with but what makes you uncomfortable. In his case, as a natural right-hander, he's more comfortable drawing from his right side as well as with moving left to right. In his practice sessions, he reverses that so that he is practicing what doesn't come natural to him.


  1. Good point... Working on what DOESN'T work is a damn good idea!

  2. Like golf or any other activity that involves using your brain and body, if you don't try and improve what you suck at, you still suck.
    It's always more fun to do what you are good at. It takes dedication to improve your weak points.

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