Wednesday, December 11, 2013

"Carrying A Loaded Firearm Is The Gateway Crime To Committing A Murder"

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said in an interview with Dean Reynolds of CBS News that "carrying a loaded firearm is the gateway crime to committing a murder." He said this during the course of the interview discussing how the Chicago police seize 130 "illegal" guns a week.

I don't know about you but I have a hard time wrapping my head around McCarthy's statement. Much of what McCarthy considers "illegal" is perfectly legal in the rest of the country. That would include such things as concealed carry, open carry, and firearms with standard capacity magazines. I see millions of Americans legally carrying a loaded firearm daily and murder does not begin to cross their minds even once.

While the state of Illinois has passed their shall-issue concealed carry law, it still is in the process of being implemented and no Illinois CCWs have been issued yet.

McCarthy points to the seizure of firearms as being responsible for the reduction in murders in Chicago this year. However, correlation is not causation especially when the police have concurrently stepped up their presence in high crime areas and put more resources into street-level intelligence gathering. If perhaps McCarthy put as much emphasis into suppressing violent street gangs as into suppressing firearms, Chicago might really see a dramatic decline in its murder rate. That would unfortunately deprive many Chicago politicians of a constituency so I doubt we'll be seeing that.

McCarthy is pushing for a New York City-style law which provides a three year mandatory sentence for the illegal possession of a firearm. His efforts to get such a law passed in Illinois have stalled in the General Assembly.


  1. Remember he deals with Chicago Politicians and Senior Chicago Police Officers daily. Too many are convicted or not yet convicted criminals.

    Although in their defense, most of their crimes are power and money related; not murder.

  2. Did he stop going to his AA meetings again?

  3. The real reason for the drop in murders this year vs last year is weather related, like it's always been. This fall has been much colder than last fall. He said recently that Nov murders were down I think 7% from last Nov, no kidding, this Nov just happened to be much cooler than last Nov, and i'll bet that this dec will be lower than last dec, this dec we've been freezing our butt off, as a matter of fact, I'll bet it will be much lower because it's been unusually cold. I'm sure McCarthy will take the credit for the drop in murder rates!

  4. Chicago police and Rahm, they don't want to see the crime rate drop, they need to justify their existence, and have a reason to hire more police! More police equals bigger Govt, it's the Obama Way!

  5. Let's apply the minimal effective dose of logic to subvert this statement made by a career Law Enforcement officer.

    Cops carry guns.

    1. Ian, That is right where my thoughts went,, Is this cop saying that most cop killings are murders, whether or not they are prosecuted for them. ie He is saying every cop that is carrying a gun is a gateway to murder(s).
      Cops have weird minds and hearts,, decent people carry guns and do not look forward to using them, Cops get very excited as a rule about opportunities to be the next to get to blow someone away.
      Perhaps it is time to change places, let cops direct traffic and let The People defend the weak and lonely, especially from The City States.

  6. Well damn, that makes all Chicago cops potential murderers by his logic!

  7. Is he shacking up with Blomberg!!

  8. manufactures should stop selling to LEO in cities that don't support the 2A. People should start boycotting manufacturers that sell to Chicago.

  9. Carrying a loaded gun and gang membership or a history of violence is a gateway crime to murder.

    There, I fixed it for you.

  10. Interesting, isn't it, that he doesn't qualify his fantasyland "gateway" allegation using the modifier "illegally", to wit, "Illegally carrying a loaded firearm etc. etc. etc."

  11. Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy is stupid

  12. That makes him and all his boys murderers. Potential murderers, excuse me :)
    I am sorry, potential paid vacationers.

  13. If the chief pig really meant that, he would immediately disarm all his fellow pigs.

    Ya, like that would ever happen.

    Study history and see what happens to tyrants. It isn't pretty but I am so looking forward to it.

  14. By far, a majority of Chicago Police officers support concealed carry. And yes, even they think that McCarthy is an idiot. His big claims to fame, getting drunk and shooting out street lights in NY and belittling suburban NY police officers for ticketing his daughter. He is a complete moron.