Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cry Me A River

Dick Metcalf, formerly of Guns & Ammo magazine, was fired because he tried to argue that gun control was OK constitutionally because the Second Amendment includes the words "well-regulated".  In other words, Metcalf was fired for stupidity. I shed no tears over that.

Yesterday, the New York Times, no friend of gun rights or gun owners, decided that Mr. Metcalf would make a great poster boy to show how authoritarian and how close-minded we are. Moreover, it looks like Mr. Metcalf cooperated fully with the Time's reporter.

This is a war. You do not give aid and comfort to the enemy. Mr. Metcalf did that with his G&A editorial and this is what he is doing now.

In the article that appeared online yesterday and on the front page of the print edition today, Metcalf said:
“I’ve been vanished, disappeared,” Mr. Metcalf, 67, said in an interview last month on his gun range here, about 100 miles north of St. Louis, surrounded by snow-blanketed fields and towering grain elevators. “Now you see him. Now you don’t.”

He is unsure of his next move, but fears he has become a pariah in the gun industry, to which, he said, he has devoted nearly his entire adult life.
While being the subject of front-page profile in the Times may impress his former colleagues at Yale and Cornell, it won't help him within the gun culture. If anything, it completes his estrangement from those of us in the gun culture.

I don't feel sorry for Mr. Metcalf. He has made his bed and now he has to sleep in it. Now if he'd just realize it.


  1. Benedict Metcalf.. did i hear his mother's maden name was Bloomberg?

  2. He's totally fucked. Not because he stepped in it bad. Zumbo is back and making money again (I can't comment on him, as I didn't know about him before he was dumb, and have no interest after), Ruger and S&W both stepped in it bad in the 90s, and have since distanced themselves from it.

    Metcalf is boned because he keeps talking about how reasonable the dumb shit he said was. Also he seems to enjoy branding himself as a martyr than a gunnie.

    You can lead a horse to water...

  3. "He is unsure of his next move, but fears he has become a pariah in the gun industry, to which, he said, he has devoted nearly his entire adult life."

    Then he should have known better in the first place, and should have known not to double down in the second place.

  4. He's no "victim." He exercised his right to say what he believes and not go to jail (i.e., the First Amendment protects him from government retaliation). We're exercising our right to not buy into what he's saying because we don't believe it.

    In other words, he's offended that we don't attribute the divine infallibility of God Himself to Dick Metcalf.

    Now he fears he's become a pariah in the gun industry? It's a bit late to be fearing that, Sparky. A fool has every right to kick a hornet's nest, but only the biggest of fools believes he won't get stung.

  5. Metcalf wrote: "The fact is that all Constitutional rights are regulated, always have been, and need to be."

    Mike Bloomberg said: "I do think there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom."

    Hmnph. Not much difference there, methinks.

  6. We are fairly closed-minded to his kind of drivel. That is our right and our duty. The more people that see what happens when you say dumb things, the better. My only desire is for every "Pro Second Amendment" politician in this land to see his story and wish to avoid it happening to themselves (*cough* Manchin *cough*).

    To that end, I hope he goes on Fox and MSNBC, next. The wider the dispersion of his story, the better.

  7. To anyone confused about Metcalf's behavior...he used to teach history at Yale and Cornell.

    Changes the context, doesn't it?