Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 SHOT Show - Media Day With Gunblast.Com - Part 2

In Part Two, Jeff Quinn of again previews a number of new firearms being released at SHOT Show.

Included are a number of revolvers from Smith and Wesson including the reintroduced Model 66, the Model 686-6 in .357 Mag, the 5-shot 460 S&W Magnum, and the Model 986 in 9mm. This last gun seems to have very minimal recoil with the 9mm.

Speaking of low recoil, Armalite has introduced the AR-31 .308 Target Rifle that has a muzzle break more like one would see on a Barrett .50 BMG rifle.

Sig Sauer held their portion of Media Day at a separate range from what I understand. Jeff shot the new Sig P320 which is their first striker fired pistol and the Sig MPX submachine gun. It is a damn shame that the Hughes Amendment prevents us from being able to buy one of those because it looks like a great gun.


  1. Eye really appreciate the information ewe provided about the muzzle break on Armalite's gnu rifle. Can it bee repaired?

  2. Glad to see S&W bringing back the K-frame magnum. Too bad about the 4.25" barrel. That makes it .05" too long to compete in IDPA SSR division.
    Does S&W have any competitive shooters involved in their development process?