Saturday, April 19, 2014

Behind The Times

Virtually everyone knows by now that the renamed combo of the Illegal Mayors and Demanding Mommies didn't secure the Everytown for Gun Safety Facebook page before their big announcement. Rather, it went to a pro-gun rights grassroots activist who was quicker on the uptake than they were. This happened despite their supposed expertise in social media as evidenced by their presentation called "Disrupting the Gun Lobby with Digital Organizing" at Austin's South by Southwest Festival. The SXSW presenters included both Shannon Watts and Mark Glaze.

So when did EGS get their act together and establish their Facebook presence? On April 17th, two days after their big announcement.

And how are they doing in terms of likes? They have 9 likes versus 26,183 likes for the pro-gun Everytown for Gun Safety Facebook page.

Guerrilla tactics do work, and work well, when used against a larger, wealthier opponent who has no real idea what action at the grassroots level really means. Just like in Colorado where four pissed off guys successfully took on both Bloomberg and the Democratic Establishment to recall Sen. President John Morse and Sen. Angela Giron, Everytown for Gun Safety and its over 100 local Facebook pages will cause Bloomberg to have to devote resources in order to get them taken down from Facebook. That is money that won't be spent on ad campaigns or donated to gun prohibitionist candidates. We may lose the battle but we will win the war.


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  2. Whoops. There are two "" pages. There's this one with 185 likes.

  3. @Sean - I like that one! However, it seems as of now that there is only one gun prohibitionist Everytown page. I could be wrong on that.

  4. John. Zuckerberg and his cronies have taken the page down. Censorship. Period. And on April 19th to boot.

  5. New URL

    1. @RKV: I saw that last night. Thanks for posting the new link. I checked both it and the "official" EGS website. The "official" one has 131 likes; the real folks for gun safety have over 2,000 likes. I think that might say something.