Sunday, April 27, 2014

Stag Arms May Not Be Leaving Connecticut

I stopped by the Stag Arms booth at the NRA Annual Meeting on Friday. Given that their CEO, Mark Malkowski, had previously said they were leaving Connecticut and that the choice had come down to either the Houston area or Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, I wanted to find out if there had been any movement on that. Of course, I was hoping to hear Myrtle Beach.

If the company representative with whom I spoke is correct, there won't be any movement. As in, they have decided to stay in Connecticut. He said they have four facilities in the New Britain area and they have decided it will be too expensive to move. The irony of this situation is that the firearms they manufacture can't be sold in that state.

I should caution that this didn't come from Mark Malkowski but rather from a representative at their booth. I will be following up with an email to the company to get confirmation.


  1. Well, I won't be buying any Stag Arms products.....

  2. I was actually thinking of a stag upper. Scratch that, I'll go PSA.

    Too expensive to move? You don't seem to understand your industry very well. It may be too expensive NOT to move.

  3. So you will punish a company for not being able to afford to move out of a state whose government is passing unconstitutional laws? Makes sense to me.

    God forbid you actually hold politicians accountable for their actions. It's better to punish the businesses and citizens trapped under their rule.

    1. Supporting companies in those states supports those states. The only way someone from outside the state in question can hold the politicians there accountable is by trying to make sure their dollars do not end up in the tax coffers. So, yes we will punish the companies there for staying.