Monday, April 21, 2014

Early Voting Opens April 24th In North Carolina

Early voting opens April 24th in North Carolina for our May primaries. In anticipation of this, Grass Roots North Carolina-Political Victory Fund has released their candidate evaluations. They have also released their candidate recommendations in contested primaries.

In the Republican primary to face the vulnerable Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC), they have a difference of opinion with the NRA-PVF. They have endorsed Dr. Greg Bannon of Cary while the NRA-PVF has endorsed NC House Speaker Thom Tillis of Charlotte. It is a Tea Party v. GOP establishment, an outsider v. an insider sort of thing. I think either man would be good for the Second Amendment with Brannon saying he's looking for laws to repeal while major gun rights bills including the castle doctrine have passed the NC General Assembly since Tills became the Speaker.

While GRNC-PVF has traditionally only concerned themselves with either statewide or legislative offices, this year they have made recommendations in a handful of sheriffs' races. It looks to me like they are looking for strong opposite party pro-gun candidates to oppose those sheriffs who killed the scrapping of the pistol purchase permits. I think it is high time that some of these sheriffs learn that actions have (electoral) consequences.

According to their alert, they have made recommendations in 40 contested races and will be spending approximately $100,000 in their primary efforts. These efforts include:
* Mailing GRNC-PVF Gun Rights Voter Guides to nearly 17,000 GRNC members;
* Mailing nearly 50,000 postcard election alerts to gun voters in races across the state;
* Running radio spots in several key races; and
* Conducting tens of thousands of automated phone calls in key races; and
* Sending email alerts to over 100,000 gun-owning NC voters!
GRNC is an all volunteer organization as is the GRNC-PVF. If you'd like to donate to help with these expenses, go here.

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