Friday, May 16, 2014

Old News I Just Stumbled Across

Awhile back when I reported that Mark Glaze was leaving MAIG/Demanding Mommies/Everytown Moms Against Illegal Mayor, I speculated that Michael Bloomberg wanted to install his own man as head of the organization. That man would be his former Mayor's Office chief advisor for policy and strategic planning John Feinblatt.

I missed the announcement by Erika Soto Lamb, Everytown's communications director, that Feinblatt would indeed be the person in charge.

“All good things must come to an end and we are grateful for Mark’s leadership during a time of incredible growth in the movement to prevent gun violence,” said Erika Soto Lamb, a spokeswoman for the group in an email.

“During his three years with Mayors Against Illegal Guns, we celebrated important advances in our fight for reasonable reforms in D.C. and in state capitals across the country,” she added.

“Everytown will continue to be led by our president John Feinblatt. He was previously chairman of Mayors Against Illegal Guns and continues to serve as Mayor Bloomberg’s chief policy advisor on gun issues,” Lamb said.
Obviously, not a surprise. When you have a billionaire control freak who is donating big money to an effort, it should be assumed that they want their guy running it.

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  1. Yep, pulling the strings from on high... Can we say astroturf???