Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Useful Information (Of A Sort)

Most of us will never get the change to shoot a sawed-off shotgun or SBR like an Uzi. However, if we do get the chance, this short video from Hickok45 might just save our finger tips.


  1. I had the opportunity way back 81/82. A friend of my uncle had a sawed off shotgun. It was about as legal as robbing a bank. Was fun though.

    1. Beside losing a fingertip, a sawed-off shotgun could get your dog and wife shot. Think Ruby Ridge.

    2. Ruby Ridge hadn't happened and while fun, it was a one time deal.

  2. Got to shoot an Uzi last summer. Hickok45 is right.

  3. Yep, screw it up, you WILL pay... Tip of the hat to Hickok for that!

  4. Shooting firearms covered by the NFA isn't really that big of a deal; Neither is owning them.

    So far, the majority of NFA firearms I've used are machineguns, followed suppressors, then everything else. I think the only type of NFA I've never shot is a Destructive Device (I've seen and/or handled several, I've just never had the chance to use one).

    I see NFA items at the range fairly regularly, especially firearm mufflers and short-barreled rifles; It seems to me that anyone not seeing a similar number is either not looking hard enough, or just isn't going to the right ranges...


  5. Sawed off shotgun or sawn-off shotgun? I think both are the same. I want to know if there is any difference between Sawed off shotgun and regular shotgun? Please let me know if any one is better than another one.