Wednesday, August 20, 2014

No One Should Be Surprised By This Remington Move

In the wake of both softening sales for firearms and the move of much of their operations to Huntsville, Alabama, Remington announced another round of layoffs at their Ilion, New York plant. 105 jobs will be cut at the New York plant starting Monday. This is in addition to 80 jobs that had previously been moved to Alabama.

As the later news report below makes clear, these workers will have the opportunity to relocate to Alabama and apply for jobs down there. If I heard it correctly, Remington has agreed to give a preference to the pool of laid-off workers for new jobs in Alabama.


  1. They are a business... They need profits to continue in business...

  2. Does AL charge a tariff for imported Yanquis?

    1. Only for liberals who demand everything should be just like it was at "home" meaning New York (or NJ or CT or...).

  3. Don't cha just love companies voting with their feet... The "new" New York...