Friday, August 22, 2014

SB 53 - Just One Of A Number Of Anti-Gun Bills In California

Gun rights supporters in California have their hands full with all the misguided, stupid, and ineffective bills coming out the California Assembly and Senate that impact them. One of these bills is SB 53 from Sen. Kevin DeLeon (D-Los Angeles). The bill would ban on-line sales of ammo, create a registry of ammo sellers and purchasers, and require another license for gun owners.

Will it stop gangs from obtaining ammo for their guns? Of course not but that really wasn't the point anyway.

The Firearms Policy Coalition has created a very good infographic illustrating just what the bill would do if passed. Unfortunately, it is almost out of the legislature and heading for Gov. Jerry Brown's desk.

The FPC has created an easy way to state your opposition to this bill. You don't even need to live in California to send an email. Just go here and you can tell every legislator in California what you think of this bill.

If you want to see other bad bills from California, just go here. Another of Kevin DeLeon's bills would outlaw "ghost guns". In other words, any firearm without a serial number such as your collectible .22 LR rifle from before 1968 like my Remington 511 Scoremaster.


  1. Both daughters are irate about this...

  2. When will the gun and ammo companies realize that they need to NOT sell to gov't agencies in California. Decline all "official" contracts.

  3. I want to move back to California but the stream of like stories keeps me from actually taking the plunge. I keep hoping that the people down there will wise up but it just doesn't seem to happen.