Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Glock 17/19 MOS

Glock has now introduced two of their most common pistols set up for reflex optics. I got a chance a shoot the Glock 19 MOS yesterday and I like it. Shooting a pistol with a red dot reflex optic takes some getting used to but as many others have said, it probably is the wave of the future.

My only problem with Glocks is that I have small hands and they don't quite fit me that well. I'll have to work on that.

GLOCK Releases Two New MOS Pistols:
G17 Gen4 in MOS & G19 Gen4 in MOS
Las Vegas, Nev. – Jan. 18, 2016 Today, GLOCK, Inc., announced the release of two new pistols to join the Modular Optic System (MOS) series, the G17 Gen4 in MOS and the G19 Gen4 in MOS.
Now, two of GLOCK’s best selling pistols are available with milled slides designed specifically to be adaptable to multiple optic systems without costly customization. The G17 Gen4 MOS and G19 Gen4 MOS are the ideal addition to the series as the market continues to trend toward optic-ready everyday carry and defense.
“We’re seeing more and more professional trainers recommend the use of optics for primary and defensive use,” stated Josh Dorsey, vice president at GLOCK. “Optic ready pistols will enable faster target acquisition when a reflex sight is mounted.”
Both pistols are chambered in .9mm and do not differ in specifications from their respective standard models. Other MOS pistols, introduced in January of 2015, are the G34 Gen4 MOS, G35 Gen4 MOS, G41 Gen4 MOS, and the G40 Gen4 MOS.  The new models were unveiled today at the Range Day for SHOT Show and will be on display at the GLOCK booth (#12254) throughout the week. The pistols will be available for purchase at retailers in the following weeks.
To learn more about the new MOS pistols, visit https://us.glock.com/MOS.

Above:  The new G17 Gen4 MOS
Above: The New G19 Gen4 MOS


  1. No front cocking serrations, no suppressor-height irons. I see Glock hasn't learned anything from the G34/35 MOS last year.

    1. I'm assuming these guns were made for the new Carry Optics provisional division in USPSA. Why would you want iron sights on a red-dot optic pistol? And why do I need "front cocking serrations?" Don't normal people grab the rear of the slide?

    2. Because irons make it easier to find the dot, and provide a backup in case the battery on the sight dies (which would be a potential problem for anyone carrying an MOS). Front cocking serrations are nice because the rear serrations are blocked to some extent by the red dot, for people who rack the slide with an overhand grip. I shoot CO too.

  2. Interesting step they're taking...

  3. Interesting step they're taking...

  4. Meh. The only worse way to mount an optic to a pistol is via a dovetail adapter plate.

    If you want to put a carry-focused optic on a carry-focused pistol, the ONLY acceptable method is to directly mill the slide for the optic.


  5. Talking about Glock 17, my personal favorite is Ruger SR22. It has better looks and handling capabilities. In my firearms safety training classes I give my students training with Glock and Ruger pistols. They also prefer Ruger one.

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